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Clifton C. Olds
(This is a terrific site for the gardens of Japan)

Rosade Bonsai
(My first bonsai activity and my first Japanese garden were in Philadelphia; at that time all of my bonsai stock came from Chase.)

Bill Marx
(An excellent independent arts site. I have pieces posted here relative to my other life (music and philosophy).)

David Slawson
(David is one of the very best Japanese garden designers in the country.)

Felix Rivera
(My suiseki experience began with a demonstration that Felix gave to the San Francisco Bonsai Society.)

New England Bonsai Nursery
(One of the best bonsai nurseries in the country. Virtually all of the stock for my present garden came from New England Bonsai.)

Janet Roth and Mas Nakajima
(Mas is one of the best suiseki artists working today; Janet Roth has created and maintains a terrific web-site.)

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